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2018 Jeep Wrangler Could Appear As Soon As October

Because of the promise of a pickup version, a diesel engine alternative, and a lower curb weight, we’re quite anticipating the debut of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler. Formerly, we have heard that it would be revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show towards the end of November, however as per the new report, we may not have to wait almost that long.

A staff post on JL Wrangler Forums declares FCA’s original plan was to start JL Wrangler production on November 13th and then debut the off-roader 2 weeks later. But according to an anonymous source, FCA is seriously thinking about beginning production two weeks early on October 30th. If that occurs, there’s a good chance that Jeep will also reveal the brand-new Wrangler before the schedule. It may even drop by the end of October.

Yes this is a post on an online fan forum that mentions anonymous inside FCA so we need to know that the information could be wrong, and even if it isn’t really, Jeep could still decide to hold the Wrangler launching up until the Los Angeles Auto Show. That’s even if it starts preliminary production two weeks earlier like the post suggests. However the online forum’s administrators claim they have had the ability to validate the details.

Indeed we need to watch out for it at the Los Angeles Show however do not be shocked if it shows up as much as a month early. And when the brand-new Wrangler does formally debut, we’ll be interested to see how many different variations Jeep chooses to highlight. Will we get to see the two-door, the four-door, and the truck? Just the four-door?

Regardless, if Jeep is going to continue towards its objective of selling 7 million units yearly, it’s going to require the brand-new Wrangler to be a hit.

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