7 Surprising Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

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7 Surprising Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

Why settle for driving when you can experience the unique benefits of motorcycle commuting? Embarking on your two-wheeled journey not only saves you time and money but also provides a host of physical and mental health benefits. Uncover the unexpected advantages of choosing a motorcycle over a car for your daily commute.

Get a Workout

You can get your daily dose of exercise on your way to work, school or the store. Some articles state that you can actually burn anywhere between 100 and 600 calories when riding a motorcycle. Don’t be surprised when you arrive feeling winded or tired at your destination.

Riding works every major muscle group, including your back, core, legs, arms and neck. Keep your back straight and engage your abdominals when riding instead of relying on your upper body strength to get a full-body workout on every trip.

Seamless Audio Streaming

Nothing breaks up your commute like your favorite playlist or podcast. The latest technology makes listening to audio while riding easy. Use a motorcycle helmet and Bluetooth headset to connect to your phone wirelessly. Modern headsets have voice commands, so you don’t have to take your hands off the handlebars or your eyes off the road to access the controls. Just speak into the device to change songs, pull up your audiobook or cycle through ads on a podcast.

New devices also automatically adjust the volume based on surrounding noise levels to help you pay attention to what’s happening around you. Riding a motorcycle with a wireless headset is the safest way to stream audio while commuting. Learn how to listen to music on a motorcycle to pack the most entertainment into your trip.

Less Stress

More exercise and time outdoors can reduce stress levels. Riding also requires intense concentration, which will help you stay focused on your trip and let go of things causing you stress. Driving is notorious for giving you time to think, especially when using cruise control, but motorcycling is about clearing your mind and focusing on the road ahead.

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A 2021 neurological study published in Brain Research measured riders’ hormonal levels and found that riding increases adrenaline and heart rate while decreasing cortisol levels, a prominent indicator for stress reduction. Participants also experienced greater sensory satisfaction and were more resistant to distractions than they were before they started riding. 

Sharper Reflexes

No one knows how to focus like an experienced motorcycle rider. Riding a motorbike demands 100 percent concentration in a world of distractions. Unlike driving, you can’t afford to physically reach for your phone or worry about whether your colleagues like you at work when there’s nothing between you and the road.

Motorcycles have rapid reaction times to keep you on your toes. They accelerate faster, have shorter braking times and can make sharper turns than cars. You never know when you might have to turn or brake to avoid an obstacle. Riding helps you learn to dial into your surroundings by increasing your spatial awareness. The more you ride, the more sensitive you will be to visual changes, new sounds and velocity.

Shorter Commutes

You don’t have to worry about bumper-to-bumper traffic delaying your arrival time when you commute on two wheels instead of four. Motorcycles are around half as wide as passenger vehicles, allowing you to weave between lanes when traffic refuses to budge. You won’t spend as much time looking for parking. Motorcycles can be parked in tight spaces. Some jurisdictions may even allow you to park on the sidewalk.

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Save on Fuel

Reducing the size of your vehicle reduces the amount of fuel required. Motorcycles can get anywhere from 30 to 60 mpg, depending on the make and model, making them about twice as efficient as most cars. They have smaller fuel tanks, usually between three and six gallons, to help you fill up for less. You can also invest in a hybrid or electric motorcycle to save even more. Today’s models can travel between 40 and 60 miles before needing a charge. They require less electricity than the leading EVs for faster charging times.

Protect the Environment

Passenger vehicles require more fuel and electricity than motorcycles, two major contributors to climate change. Even electric cars rely on fossil fuels like coal and natural gas for electricity. Unless you have an electric car and use 100 percent renewable electricity, driving a motorcycle produces fewer emissions than driving a traditional vehicle, regardless of the fuel source. Their compact size reduces traffic delays, so vehicles don’t have to spend as much time on the road.

Time is money, and at the end of the day, driving a motorcycle will get you around faster than driving a car. You will consume more entertainment, use less electricity or fuel and get a mental and physical boost. It packs the most into your day to help you feel relaxed, engaged and motivated when you reach your destination.

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