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How to protect your motorbike from being stolen in 2020?

For the year 2020, it would be best if all motorcycle owners could avoid troubles, especially those related to theft. With close to 100 thousand motorbikes being stolen every year in the UK and the US alone, you are not safe from these issues anywhere in the world. However, we have compiled essential and essential tips for motorcycle protection from theft in 2020. Here they are:

CCTV cameras at home

When and if you park your motorbike at home and don’t have a garage, install a network of CCTV cameras. They will help identify thieves or vandals if the damage is to be done to your belongings, especially a motorcycle.

Such footage can engage the community to share the faces of criminals on social media which helps identify them. Moreover, police investigations have a lesser chance of running into a dead-end if you offer visual evidence.

Kill switches & Locks

Kill switches might have gone out of fashion recently, but that is just great news for motorcycle thieves. A kill switch requires an additional step or action to be taken to start the engine of the motorcycle. An unsuspecting thief is not aware that the kill switch exists and spends precious time trying to start the engine.

He or she gets frustrated and will likely never find it in the heat of the moment. Whereas you, the owner, can start the bike in a matter of seconds as the kill switch and its mechanics are familiar to you.

Locks are also essential. There are fork locks which prevent the wheels from turning, and your bike becomes a significantly more challenging theft object. Second – disc brakes locks. Whereas fork locks prevent from turning, disc brake locks will stop any momentum. The thief would need to lift the bike, which is extremely difficult to do.

Locking it to heavy objects

Simple and pretty self-explanatory. Most stolen bikes are picked up when they are just parked carelessly. If you lock the bike to, let’s say a wall, a pole or any other sturdy items, the thief has to bring bolt cutters and other tools which loses him or her time. This is a major inconvenience that does not eliminate the risk but certainly slows down the criminal.

GPS trackers and alarm systems

Just as a regular motorcycle alarm system which emits sound signals, GPS trackers are considered to be amongst the most efficient protective measures from theft.

An alarm goes off, every time someone crashes, bumps, rolls or attempts to do something with your motorbike. The sound attracts the attention of bypassers and could even wake your neighbours up. This is a major inconvenience for the thief. However, do not ignore silent alarms that do not go off, and the thief thinks it is all going swell. Nonetheless, at the same time, the owner receives a call or a message that the motorcycle is being moved or tampered with.

GPS systems are great (especially if concealed) as they remove all of the detective work for the police. Check the app, and you can immediately find the exact location of your vehicle. Safe and convenient!

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