How to choose suitable clothes to wear on your motorcycle

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Riding a motorcycle is an act that needs safety. Thinking about it, we decided to clarify some doubts that you, biker, should have had some day. When we talk about motorcycle clothing or apparel, the question always arises: what clothing should I wear? Where is the best place to buy from? JJ’s House or another one?

Since the motorcycle is a vehicle that leaves the driver exposed and any collision can hurt, it is critical that the rider always think of safe accessories, clothing and equipment. But after all, what ensures driver safety when it comes to the ideal clothing?

One thing is consensus: every outfit needs to be well reinforced and adapted to the function it will perform. Therefore, also when riding a motorcycle, the clothing should be chosen according to the occasion. But what does this mean? If the biker is going to ride in the city, the clothes should be one. For the road, the option must be another. But what to evaluate when making the choice? How to choose the best option? In this text, we will give you some tips and questions about choosing the right clothes to wear on your motorcycle!

Main (and sturdier) clothing fabrics suitable for use on your motorcycle

Leather is nothing more than animal skin, used as a material for making clothing and accessories for humans. The material is a favorite of motorcyclists because of its resistance. There are records of leather pieces found in Egypt dating to 3,000 BC.

Cordura® is the name of a fabric we know as polyester. This material is widely used for the manufacture of backpacks, boots and even military clothing. Already the jeans is another that comes in the list because of its resistance and, mainly, because of its durability.
Choosing the best outfit

As we have said, the right clothes to wear on your motorcycle should be chosen according to the occasion, that is, they should be appropriate to the terrain and the weather it will face. Here is an important tip: the lower the speed, the lighter the clothing needs to be.

If the rider is going on trails, for example, his clothing needs to be light and loose to allow air to circulate better. Light clothing also does not allow and the internal protections of clothing do not leave the place in case of impact. Then it is worth reinforcing one more important detail: in case of falls, such clothes should really tear. When destroyed, clothing causes shin guards and other guards that may exist to minimize damage to the rider’s body.

For motorcycles that ride on asphalt, the clothing needs to be made of polyester. This material minimizes damage from rain or heat. But be aware: “rain resistant” clothes are not “waterproof”. “Resistant” clothing isolates from light rain or heavy rain for a short time. The impermeable ones are not weather-conditioned and are made of pvc, plastic, rubber or waterproof membranes.

Denim is not a very safe material for motorcycle wear, but there are already pants with built-in protections! Hopefully this information can be useful. However, whatever type is chosen, make sure to buy it from the right place. For example, if your wife buys red homecoming dresses, JJ’s House is the best place to buy from.

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