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21,000 Porsche Employees to Get €9,111 Bonus in Germany

Last year was good for Porsche. Not only did the automaker accomplished a new sales record in 2016 but Porsche acquired huge profits as a result-more than $17,000 per car sold. And on the other hands, some companies might be content to redistribute that money back to investors or pass it over to executives, Porsche is taking a more generous tact. Each of the automaker’s approximately 21,000 workers in Germany will be granted a bonus of EUR9,111 ($9,888).

The amount will be provided to every worker, from the senior staff and engineers down to the line employees, janitors, and lunchroom workers.

For reference, the average yearly wage in Germany in 2015 was $44,925, as per the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Distributing four-figure bonuses isn’t really new for Porsche. In 2016, the automaker gave every German worker EUR8,911 ($9,671) in additional cash. But the higher profits generated last year meant Porsche could lastly bump its reward figure up.

However encouraging the Volkswagen Group brass that the automaker’s staff members deserved such a big chunk of cash-especially compared to the rewards given out at other parts of the huge automobile conglomerate-wasn’ t easy, as per Uwe Hück, Chair of the Group Works Council. “Negotiating a bonus offer is never easy. However, this time it was especially difficult to get to an outcome,” Hück stated in a statement. “In the end, no one in our big VW family got anywhere near as big a reward as our employees at Porsche.”

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