3 Immediate Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

by SpeedLux
motorcycle accident

Although only 3% of registered vehicles in the US are motorcycles, they account for 14% of traffic fatalities. 

A motorcycle accident shouldn’t be taken lightly; even accidents that don’t have a fatality can have catastrophic long-term consequences for your health and finances. 

That’s why you need to act fast if you’ve had a moto accident. You need to take three steps immediately after an accident to protect yourself. Failing to do this could ruin your chances of recovery after the accident. 

Read on to find out more. 

1. Ensure Safety and Call Emergency Services

After a motorcycle accident, the first thing to do is to make sure everyone is safe. Check that everyone involved is conscious and hasn’t sustained serious injuries. 

Get everyone and any vehicles off the road and away from further potential traffic accidents. 

Then, call the emergency services. If the crash was minor, you might not need the emergency services, but you can call the non-emergency number to report the accident. 

If anyone is injured or there’s debate about the fault of the accident, both police and ambulance services may be necessary. 

2. Call a Lawyer and Collect Evidence 

As soon as everyone is safe, it’s time to call a lawyer. They’ll be able to give you real-time advice on what to say to the police and whether you should collect any crime-scene evidence. 

An accident lawyer will be an expert at dealing with these situations and ensure you get all the necessary evidence and legal representation. 

They’ll often advise you to look for potential witnesses and take photos of any damage at the scene. You can follow the link to learn more on the initial process of calling a lawyer after an accident.

3. Seek Medical Attention 

Many people don’t seek medical care after accidents because they don’t think their injuries are severe. However, you should always get checked out. Firstly, because you could have internal injuries, but also because it protects you if you decide to pursue compensation later. 

Without a doctor’s report of injuries, you’re unlikely to be able to seek damages retrospectively.

One of the main motorcycle accident tips a lawyer will always give is to get a hospital or doctor’s report immediately after the accident. Then, keep records and receipts of any ongoing expenses or pain in the weeks and months following the event. 

All records of lost money, missed work, or distress can be used in court as evidence to help you claim the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to. 

Had a Motorcycle Accident? Act Now!

It’s vital that you act quickly following a motorcycle accident; you could be left with permanent injuries and financial problems if you don’t.

So, make sure that you collect all the relevant evidence, get medical advice, and collaborate with a lawyer to ensure you’re protected physically and financially. 

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