5 Essential off road modifications for your ute

by SpeedLux
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When you have finally bought your new or second hand Ute, one of the first things you will do is fit as many modifications as you can afford. Modifications such as off-road tyres, bullbar, alloy Ute canopy, snorkel and upgraded suspension are some of the most popular changes Aussies make to their Utes. So if you can’t decide which modifications to make to your vehicle, let’s take a look at these five popular upgrades, so you can decide if they are suitable for your off-road adventures.

Off-road tyres

The type of tyres you fit to your Ute will make a huge difference to your next off-road trip, so since they are an expensive purchase, you need to get it right, first time. For example, Highway Terrain tyres that are often fitted to Utes are suited to bitumen roads, but not to off-road conditions. This means that you need to look at All Terrain tyres that are a great all round tyre or go the extra mile and fit Mud Terrain tyres or Light truck tyres. Muddies, as they are called, are ideal for driving in slippery, muddy conditions and are loved by all hardcore 4WD enthusiasts. Light tyres on the other hand, are built to carry heavy loads and are also great for off-road driving. The right tyres are just as important as an alloy Ute canopy, bullbar, snorkel and upgraded suspension.


If you have any aspirations to drive off-road or even along sealed roads in the outback, a bullbar is an essential safety modification you can’t do without. Hitting a Roo, cow or camel can completely decimate an unprotected vehicle, even leading to fatalities. These wild animals have no road sense and can easily wander across the road, particularly at night, but also in daylight. Steel bullbars are the most popular with 4WD enthusiasts, but it adds a significant amount of weight to the front end. Despite this additional weight and the cost of buying and fitting a bullbar, this is one of the modifications you need to make to keep everyone safe on the road.

Alloy Ute canopy

Whilst not essential, an alloy Ute canopy helps to keep your belongings and equipment safe and secure in the back tray. With a lockable alloy Ute canopy, you can stop thieves in their tracks and protect everything from the harsh Aussie sun. Storing a fridge, generator, tent and other camping gear in the tray is an easy option, but without an alloy Ute canopy, everything is out in the open and liable to be stolen , covered in dust, soaked by the rain or bent out of shape by the sun.


If you want to attempt deep water crossings, then a snorkel is vital. Not everyone needs one, because not everyone is a hardcore 4WD enthusiast that is willing to tackle anything at least once. However, it’s also useful if you are driving through sand or dirt, because the air intake is high enough to miss all of this debris, stopping it from clogging up your filters.


Bush terrain can be tough with corrugations that can rattle the fillings out of your teeth. Anyone serious about driving on dirt roads needs to consider upgrading their suspension, but it’s also a great idea if you carry heavy loads. This makes your Ute more stable, more comfortable to drive and increases its carrying capacity.  
With new off-road tyres, bullbar, alloy Ute canopy, snorkel and an upgraded suspension, you will be all set for your next bush adventure!

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