A Closer Look At The BMW 2 Series

by SpeedLux

Like many of us, I absolutely adore almost everything that BMW has ever put on the market. Some of their models have pretty confusing names though! So, just like the 6 Series and 4 Series were the sportier cousins of the 5 and 3 Series, this 2 Series is a more luxurious evolution using 1 Series foundations. That must mean it’s one better, right? Read on to find out.

First and foremost, how does it drive? The engine range is pretty simple for a beamer. There’s one turbo petrol and one turbo diesel, each with different power outputs. The petrol’s acceleration is very smooth, and can stand being worked hard without burning the transmission. The diesel, on the other hand, has noticeably more torque, yet makes a lot of noise compared to similar diesels. Both models will do one to sixty in around 7 seconds. The strength of the 2 Series is really in the steering and handling. I honestly believe it would be hard to find a better steering system in a coupé of a similar makeup. As soon as you take this car for a spin, you’ll know you’re driving a BMW from the precise curve of the steering and snappy controls. If you feel like you’d like a little more speed, then go for the M235 six-cylinder version.

So, what about the interior. Again, this has been designed according to BMW’s distinct luxury conventions. The dash is pretty much identical to the 1 Series. The front seats and steering wheel have a range of positions, so you’ll be comfortable no matter your stature. The build quality feels very solid, and all the controls are laid out in a clear, stylish way. Every 2 Series you buy will come with an iDrive controller, but if you’re going for something more techy you can upgrade to a more sophisticated navigation system. However, BMW has since made satnav a standard on all of their models. If you want to pin down a good price, make sure you get all the details when visiting a dealership like Spire Automotive. There are three trim levels; standard, modern and sport. You can look into these if you want, but the difference is more aesthetic than anything else.

The 2 Series is a decent investment, but I’d recommend thinking of it as a practical car first. The performance leaves you with very little to want, and the fuel economy is decent for a petrol coupé. In the way of maintenance, BMW offers some pretty generous fixed-price service packages. If you can restrain the options-ticking, then the depreciation isn’t anything unbearable. However, after two years you’re going to be looking at a pretty substantial drop in value. If you want to penny-pinch, go for one of the diesels. These have a far better economy than its main competitors. The insurance isn’t exactly appealing on any of the 2 Series models, but with all things considered I’d call it a good price for an even better car.

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