The Aston Martin DBX Concept Is Awesome!

It is no longer a secret that the automaker from Britain, Aston Martin, truly has the ability to offer luxury sports cars with high performance and build quality. Today, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the company has officially unwrapped its latest masterpiece, the controversial DBX concept vehicle.

The British concept car in question is reportedly meant to represent the British automotive marquee’s effort in transforming a luxury grand tourer to something that the company thinks is more practical. The reason behind this is that the British company believes the customers in the future will be more interested in purchasing a GT model that is family-friendly as well as eco-friendly. With that being said, the GT segment will be redefined.

The DBX concept car from Aston Martin has been designed in the company’s headquarter that is located in Gaydon, Warwickshire, England. The car has a Black Pearl Chromium hue applied onto its exterior, giving the car a very flashy and eye-catching look. As it turns out, the paint hue even has a micro-fine chrome layer, giving a sort of reflection that no ordinary paint can offer.

Unlike most other normal cars out there, the Aston Martin DBX does not have any conventional combustion engine at all under its hood. Instead, the British automotive brand envisions the car to have lithium sulphur cells powering its in-wheel electric motors. In addition to that, the concept also utilizes a set of carbon ceramic brakes, KERS – which stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System, active LED lighting clusters, drive-by-wire electric steering system, side cameras and also heads-up displays for both the driver and the front passenger of the vehicle.

Well, unfortunately, as its creator points out, the Aston Martin DBX will not make it into production anytime soon. Nevertheless, the company is indeed going to build a car that is similar to the DBX sometime soon.

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