Aston Martin unveils its first-ever speed boat at the Monaco Yacht Show

Aston Martin AM37

The renowned luxury automobile company Aston Martin introduced its first-ever speed boat, AM37, at the Monaco Yacht Show. The $1.6 million boat is an outcome of two years of research study and development. It assures a special yachting experience featuring state-of-the art technology combined with a completely custom design.

The power boat steps 37 feet and has space of six guests and two team members. It was developed by Aston Martin’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman and his design group in collaboration with naval designer Mulder Design and the Quitessence Yachts.

The interior is tailored to satisfy the requirements of each customer, with the exception of the microwave, espresso maker and television screen. The cabin got a lavatory and the seating location can be converted into a daybed if essential.

The outside of the yacht was designed following the same “golden ratio” rule that Reichman uses to automobile design. Self-admittedly “obsessed” with the percentage of all his vehicles, he desired to utilize this to the boat’s style again along with injecting drama into the vessel.

The exterior is specified by a fluidity of style. A single piece of toned glass is used for the wraparound windshield and the double curvature is a new principle in boat design. The decks are constructed with natural teak while the seating is upholstered in Foglizzo leather.

This boat can go up 90 km/hour. The AM37 is readily available in two versions. The one with a top speed of 45 knots (52 miles per hour) includes either two 370 hp Mercury diesel engines or two 430 hp Mercury petrol engines. The AM37S, with an approximated leading speed of 50 knots (68mph), has twin 520 hp Mercury fuel engines.

Construction can use up to 18 months if the purchaser requires a high level of modification. If the last product doesn’t differ much from the existing design, production time is around 32 weeks.

Prices begin with ₤ 1,260,720 ($1,610,191) for the AM37 with 2x 430 HP. The AM37S Platinum begins from ₤ 1,621,489 ($2,070,965).

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