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Best Care Tips for Winter Wheels by Experts

Cars are expensive machines and one of the dearest assets to a person. But despite being large investments, many owners often forget to give the care that is due to these machines. Tires, for example, are one of the most important parts of the vehicle and require a lot of care, particularly if you are driving in sandy or snowy terrains. Generally, customers choose the vehicle based on certain aspects. Such as endurance to rough winters, hot climate, or damp terrain. Sometimes car owners choose to own two cars just to get through the tough months easily.

Weather is unpredictable. So, in order to keep you and other drivers safe on the road it is important to know the condition of your tires. A proper care will increase the lifespan of your vehicle and you will feel confident while riding for the rest of the seasons. 

In this blog, we are sharing four care tips for winter wheels that you should keep in mind before the winter arrives.

Replace the Regular Tires with Winter Tires

If you are living in an area where temperatures regularly fall below 45 degrees and you drive a lot in winter, winter tires are recommended. Winter tires are made of a soft rubber that has high silica content and tiny grooves in the tread. It allows them to maintain flexibility even in the cold climate. It is designed to provide a better grip on slippery, wet, and poorly-maintained roads to avoid risks. They provide more traction than standard tires.

Living in an area which is covered with snow or ice and you feel like your tires aren’t safe for the cold seasons, then winter tires are definitely worth considering.

Clean Tires for Good Grip

Keeping your car clean in the winter months is important because snowy conditions are hazardous for driving. It will be harder for you to spot problems with wheels when they are dirty. Cleaning will help you from getting rid of salt, mud and dirt which prevents corrosion and damage.

The clean tires maintain the car traction, so your tire would hold the road more efficiently. Make sure that either you are taking your car through the car wash or cleaning it by yourself on a weekly basis. After cleaning check tread depths, splits and bulges because our safety depends on the quality of the tire.

Check Tire Pressure in Snowy Condition

One of the most important caring tips for winter wheels is tire pressure. Air works in a very simple mechanism. When there is an increase in temperature it expands, and when temperature decreases it contracts. This can be seen in tires in terms of tire pressure. During hot days, the tire pressure in your car wheel increases, and during cold days it decreases.

Winter season has a big impact on tire pressure because it loses 1psi (pounds square per inch) with every 10-degree drop in temperature. A low air pressure in tires will affect the braking, handling and mileage of the car. So, it’s important to check them regularly.

Check Tread Depth for Winter Wheels

While cleaning your tires it’s easy for you to spot problems with the tires. It is necessary to check the depth of the tire tread. In winter it is best that your tires tread depth should be around 3mm rather than 1.6mm for the slippery roads. It needs a lot of grip on a wet surface. So, if your tires are getting close to the wear blocks, then replace them with a new set of tires.

Check your tires tread depth by taking a penny and place the head of Abe’s into the groove facing down. If the President’s head remains visible then it means your tire needs to be changed.

Tips for Driving on Road in Snow

No matter what kind of tires you are using while driving, be careful of slippery surfaces. If you encounter any snow and icy conditions, winter tires are the one that are built to protect you from an accident.

Make sure that you drive slowly before turning, and maintain a regular speed; don’t make any sudden steering wheel movements. Keep distance from other cars. With the usage of these tips for winter wheels, you could feel confident while driving. 

Warp Up

In the conclusion always get tires and repair services from reliable shops to make sure your safety as well as the safety of your vehicle.  Sometimes we ignore the importance of the good tires and go with the bad ones as a result of any mishap you may face.

Author’s Bio:
M Junaid is a writer, and content marketer at PitStopArabia, A writer by day and reader by night.

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