Best Ways to Travel Around New York

new york city

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps. It’s busy 24 hours a day, and there’s a lot to do, so what’s the best way to travel around the Big Apple? There are so many ways to get around that we have nailed it down to, what we believe, are the best options for you.

We’re going to be exploring by land, water, and air to make sure you get to see it all and from every angle possible. Hold on tight. We’re going for a wild ride!

On Land


New Yorks’ yellow taxi cabs are famous all over the world. Their appearances in Hollywood films and TV series have made these cars the most recognizable taxi around. They are also a convenient way to get around.


You can get some pretty fancy buses these days that are comfortable beyond belief and will show you the sights and sounds of the city. This one is an excellent choice for a long ride, or perhaps you prefer an open-top to take it all in.


Renting a bicycle and riding around the city at your own pace is a perfectly relaxing way to enjoy it all. Stop wherever you want and choose the sites you want to see without waiting on a guide or group.


This mode of transportation allows you to move through the city, quickly giving you more time to see as many sites as possible. This way is great if you only have a short time and want to get from one side to the other in a hurry.

By Air

Another great way to see the city is by helicopter. If you’ve never been in one, you’re missing out. Make it a priority on your list to see the Big Apple from the air as you get to fly over Times Square, past the Statue of Liberty, and around the New York Harbor.

There are a lot of tours out there so do some research before booking to get the best one available. Safety is important when flying above the city, so you’ll want to choose one that is well renowned and reliable.

By Boat

Does a romantic cruise sound ideal to you? There are many different types of boat tours available that will take you around the pretty harbor. You can go on a tour with a big group, or one with a restaurant to enjoy the views as the sun goes down.

We love this method of travel because you get to see the Statue of Liberty up close and get to appreciate her full size and beauty. The calm waters are great if you suffer from motion sickness, and it’s worth the trip.

To Sum It Up

New York is a beautiful place from whichever angle you view it from. If you have the time, we would say try them all. Each one is unique, and you will get a different experience to cherish forever.

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