The birth of sports car with a long hood – Ford Mustang

Photos of ford mustang

Pioneering car

Ford Mustang was inspired by a second-generation compact car that is Ford Falcon. When the Mustang was designed and tested on the track with the help of F1 driver Dan Gurney, the lap time of the car was very surprising and incredible. The F1 driver drew the car so perfectly and incredibly that the car lap time were just off the pace of the F1 race cars. The stylist of the car was so fond of fighter plane used during World War II that they named the car with the same name. Mustang had a perfect muscular body design with the combination of a powerful engine. Ford Mustang was the first car that has changed the future of pony cars to sports car by long hood and short rear decks.

And today

Back in the year 1964 Mustang started with the engine variants of V6 that used to deliver maximum power of 101hp and V8 that used to deliver maximum power of 164hp. As time passed by technology developed and Mustang got more modular and powerful. Ford Mustang went through six-generation modification such as the first generation during the year 164-1973. At the moment, the Ford mustang comes in the sixth generation by keeping legacy of Ford. The new Ford Mustang comes with new sexterior design along with three engines variants V4-of 2.3 liters with power of 310hp, V6-3.7 liters with power of 300hp and V8-5.0 liter with power of 435hp. As per the new generation, Ford Mustang comes with both manual and automatic transmission.

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