BMW 3-Series continues to be the top draw despite strong competition

The king of the “small premium car segment” is undoubtedly the BMW 3-Series. The car has all that it takes to make it a sporty car along with the option of varied body styles that includes that of a coupe and station wagon as well. There is also the factor of a very attractive engine fit as well as superior interior trim levels in the car that ensures it continues to be the consumer favorite in the automotive market.

In order to maintain high sales figures all models of the 3-series are doing their bit. The 3-Series sedan had about 60 percent of the market registration from 2008 till February 2011, with the coupe, convertible and station wagon versions, covering the rest of the sales. This is as per reports filed by R.L. Polk & Co.

The Bavarian automaker however is having to ward off some serious competition from the likes of Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Cadillac.

Cadillac has its CTS sedan model which comes in coupe as well as station wagon variant. The A5 sportback and A5/S5 coupe is there in its A4 range to offer competition to BMW. The folding hardtop from Lexus adds competition with the C-Class Coupe from Mercedes Benz soon to join this fray. BMW therefore have only their brand name and some driving specific features to differentiate their makes from the rest of the models available in the market from the other big time car makers listed above.

With all this alternative choice and options available, its incredible BMW with its 3-Series is able to maintain its place as the most sought after in the small premium car category. This notwithstanding the slump that had engulfed the premium market following the GFC.

Source: carscoop

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