BMW ePatrol gets detailed for L.A. Design Challenge

For the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, BMW revealed the details of their concept, ePatrol.

The ePatrol concept, from BMW has been designed to be the ultimate highway patrol for the future in 2025, the ePatrol was envisioned to handle a world with more traffic and faster vehicles. The designers have developed a futuristic police car which has a modular structure and a class apart technology. The main vehicle can deploy three drones (one airborne, two ground-based) that will follow a suspect and send information back to police headquarters. In the event of a high-speed chase, the drones could use an impulse weapon to disable the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle features an aerodynamic exterior which covers a woven structure made from aluminum wire, carbon fiber and polymer resin, the vehicle is also notable for digital screens that can display images to incoming motorists.

According to Laurenz Schaffer, President of Designworks USA, “We wanted to present a visionary impulse to the theme of highway patrol. Hence our contribution to the L.A. Design Challenge is a vision concept with no links to BMW´s future design strategy.”

Take a look at the pictures of the ePatrol, and stay tuned for more updates on Speedlux.

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