Could Your Car Become Your Career?

by SpeedLux
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We all love our cars, that is a fact. If we did not love our cars, then we would not visit websites like this, and certainly would not have an interest in anything motor related. It is easy to understand why there is such a big love for cars – just look at them. Shiny, powerful pieces of machinery that enable us to live much more streamlined lives, and also enable us to feel confident about driving around both in safety and appearance. The mechanics of cars is also a vital aspect in why we have so much interest in them. For people who do not hold a keen interest in cars, they may think that a car is just a car, and that every car is the same and they all do the same job. That, of course, is not true – as we know. Each individual model of car is bred to do different things than any other. Each car will have its individual quirk and unique details which the owner will come to learn about, love and work with. It can sometimes be difficult to get to grips with a brand new car – especially if you have had the same car for a long time but, as we know, when you take the time to get to know your car and find out what details it has and has not got, it could leave you a much happier driver and can also make you feel more comfortable when you are sat in the driver’s seat. When we have a passion for cars, it is more than likely that we will surround ourselves with people who have the same passion, too. After all, if we have friends that do not care about cars or have a limited knowledge of them. What are we going to talk about over a beer? When our friends have a passion for cars, too, then we can ask them for advice and guidance on different things such as what car should you invest in, whether car wrapping is something which they have any knowledge of, petrol or diesel, or even asking them if they know of any good car dealerships where you could get a solid part exchange deal when you decide to invest in a new car.


All that being said, it is clear that a lot of us spend a lot of time in our cars, whether for recreational or business purposes. When we come home from work, all we might want to do is change into something comfortable and get back into our car and drive around all night, visiting friends and family or taking the time to catch a movie. We may just enjoy driving around and may not do any of that, and that is understandable, as if we love our car then we will want to use it as much as we can. It may also be hard when you use your car to drive to work, as you may feel that your car will be wasted stuck in the parking lot and you may just want to get back in it and earn money while you are driving around instead of being stuck in an office all day.


If you have thought about using your car to earn an income, then it is not just a pipedream. Lots of people do tend to use their car for a career, and it could be a very good idea for you to do the same especially if you feel that you are stuck in your job and do not enjoy it anymore. You could use your car for a career as a courier, picking up and delivering items or products to customers. This could be a good choice as you will be asked to drive around the local area you live in – and beyond – doing a simple job while earning good money. Lots of courier companies also pay for your gas, enabling you to not be out of pocket. However, with this sort of job it may be worth asking the company you are working for if you require a different car insurance policy than the one you already own. If you are a true car buff, and know the ins and outs of a lot of vehicles, then you could put some thought into becoming a mobile mechanic, allowing you to drive to people’s homes or wherever their car is located, and fixing the problems that they have with their vehicle. This could work out to be really enjoyable for you, as you will not only be using your car, but will also be utilising your knowledge of other vehicles and expanding on it by remedying and fixing the problems. A mobile mechanic can be a lucrative career, as people nowadays tend to not have much time and they could find it easier if a mechanic comes to them, rather than them having to drive to a garage to get the problem fixed. Some people will be willing to pay extra cash for the luxury of a mobile mechanic, so it could be essential that you put some thought into this type of career.

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Another option to earn money out of your car is for you to change career and become a driving instructor. Of course, you will need to pass some tests to do this and you will require training, but when everything has been finalised you can use your car to teach others to drive. You will require a lot of patience and will need to be a skilled driver to become a very good driving instructor, and you will also need to possess friendly skills which mean you can communicate well. There are always people out there who want to learn to drive which means that the driving instructor industry is always booming with potential work. If you do decide to become a driving instructor, you will need to take even extra care of you car by cleaning it regularly inside and out, and keeping up with any maintenance work which may need doing. Depending on the area you live in, and the quality of your skills as an instructor, there is potential to earn a lot of money on an hourly rate – or alternatively you could allow your clients to pre-book a big chunk of available slots which means you will get a considerable amount of cash instantly.


Another job which you could think about taking on is that of a delivery driver. This could allow you to continue working full time in your regular job, but working as a delivery driver in your spare time in the evenings or weekends. Delivery driving jobs can tend to be not that well paid so it may not be a job which you will want to do full time, but to use it as more of a top up for your finances. However, delivery drivers are allowed to keep tips (depending on the business you work for), so you could end up earning a more considerable amount than what you initially thought you would. Delivering takeaway food can also be a great option as most businesses will offer you free food at the end of your shift – and what is not to like about that!

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A career as a taxi driver could also be your next calling. Yes, you will need to invest in different vehicle insurance and cover, but a career as a taxi driver can be a very lucrative one indeed. As well as spending nearly all your time in your car, driving around, you can also have the opportunity to earn a very good wage, especially if you decide to work within a city. Lots of people in cities prefer to hail a cab rather than rely on public transport, and the more journeys you do the more money you will earn. A lot of people who use taxis also tip considerably, as a lot of them may be in a rush in the city to get to where they need to be, and if they hand you a note they may just want to get out of the taci and resume with their day. However, if you are an exceptional cab driver and manage to engage with your customers well and speak to them, you are also more likely to earn tips that way. People like to use a taxi as a break from the busy streets outside, and could be glad to speak to you, their taxi driver, about anything other than the work which they have just left or are traveling to.


If you think about it, using your car as a career could be the next positive step in your life. If you are a confident driver and feel that you could be missing out on a great opportunity to use your car as a career, then put some thought into it and realise the potential which is parked right outside your door.

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