South Korea launches safety investigation into Tesla vehicles

Tesla Model 3

South Korea said it is investigating suspected safety issues with automobiles made by U.S. automaker Tesla Inc, which is competing strongly with the Korean automaker Hyundai Motor in the South Korean electric vehicle market. Braking and steering systems which include the Autopilot function were part of the investigation, a transport ministry official informed on Wednesday. The […]

Elon Musk becomes seventh richest person as Tesla stock continues to rise

Elon Musk

Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk is now the seventh-richest person in the world, surpassing well-known investor Warren Buffett, as Tesla’s stock continues to increase.  Musk surpassed Buffett on Friday once Tesla shares hit an all-time high, giving Musk a net worth of about $70.5 billion, approximately $1 billion more than Buffett, according to Bloomberg. Tesla shares continued […]

Tesla to make molecule printers for COVID-19 vaccine developer CureVac

CureVac logo

Tesla Inc is building mobile molecule printers to help make the possible COVID-19 vaccine which is being developed by CureVac in Germany, the electric automaker’s CEO, Elon Musk, tweeted on Wednesday. CureVac, an unlisted German company, has stated it is developing portable, automated mRNA production units that it calls printers and which Musk referred to […]

Tesla becomes most valuable automaker as valuation goes above $200 billion

Tesla Inc logo

Tesla Inc on Wednesday became the highest-valued automaker as its shares increased to record highs and the electric automaker’s market capitalization overtook that of former front runner Toyota Motors. The automaker’s shares gained 5% in early morning trade to a record of $1,133, increasing the company’s market cap to $209.47 billion – roughly $6 billion […]

Ford Ranger, Tesla models tops ‘American-Made’ car index

Images of New Ford Ranger

Ford Motor’s new Ranger truck achieved No.1 rank in vehicles that contribute most to the U.S. economy, while three of Tesla’s models placed in the top nine. The two automaker’s brands couldn’t be found in’s top 10 last year but stood out in the 2020 version of the automotive site’s “American-Made Index.” Ford’s pickup […]