Caterham Seven Enters Chinese Market In 2012

In recent years Asia has become a target for many car manufacturers because it can provide consistent sales and stability.

Like all the companies, Caterham is searching ways to expand its sales. One of solutions was the entering Asia’s most lucrative car market. The UK-based company announced today that it has signed an exclusive deal with import firm Courtenay Trading International (CTI) to sell its iconic Seven model in China. This will be the first time the Seven has been sold in China and represents Caterham’s continuing expansion into new growth markets.

“We are engaged in one of the most exciting new chapters in the Caterham Cars story and our entry to the Chinese market is another tangible sign of how Caterham is striving to become a truly global brand”, said the Caterham Cars International Business Manager, David Ridley.

Courtenay Trading International (CTI) are going to launch six retailers in key provinces of China over the next year and is targeting initial sales of between 30 and 50 Sevens in its first year of operation.

It seems that the first Caterham cars will arrive in China from January 2012. The company will offer all of Caterham’s current EU5-compliant sports cars including the Roadsport 120, Superlight 120, Roadsport 175, Superlight R300 and CSR 175.

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