Chemicals spill at Tesla Gigafactory battery plant, no severe injuries

Gigafactory, Nevada

A dangerous material spill at Tesla’s Gigafactory battery plant in Nevada on Monday was being examined by emergency workers however there were no major injuries, the company informed.

Tesla representative Dave Arnold said a drum of “standard construction cleaning solvent” was spilled at a loading dock and a small location of the structure was evacuated.

“Out of an abundance of care, a number of staff members who may have been exposed are being moved to the regional hospital,” stated Arnold.

He said Tesla expected no impact on production.

“There was no risk to the public, no plumes or anything,” stated Joe Curtis, director of emergency management for Nevada’s Storey County. He stated the fire department was on the scene recognizing the spilled dangerous material.

The factory beyond Sparks, Nevada, has not yet been finished however production has begun on lithium-ion battery cells meant for Tesla’s energy storage items and upcoming Model 3 sedan.

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