Chevrolet showcases the Sonic Super 4 at SEMA

The recently held SEMA Show saw many premium Automakers showcasing their brand new cars with a host of revolutionary features. Chevrolet was also there unveiling their various customized Sonic car models. The subcompact was showcased in various design models like Hatchbacks and others.

The Chevrolet Sonic Super 4 Concept was the one car that stood out among the other models presented by the General Motors owned brand. The Sonic Super 4 has a race car like design and comes with a host of amazing features. We believe that Chevrolet has presented the Sonic Super 4 as a race car model.

Under the hood, the sonic is powered by a 1.44 liter four cylinder engine which is coupled to a turbocharger. Minor modifications have been made to the exhaust and intake components and adjustable coil-overs are provided at the corners. The Super 4 at the SEMA show was provided with a detachable steering wheel, fire suppression kit, five-point harness, racing seats and SCCA-approved roll cage. As we said the car is tailor made for driving in rally races.

The Sonic Super 4 features black rimmed 18×7.5-inch racing wheels fitted with slick rubber. The outer body features a Concept Z-Spec Spoiler, rear diffuser and rocker panels and a carbon fiber lower splitter to enhance the aerodynamics of the car. The stopping power is generated by the two piston rear calipers with one-piece rotors and four-piston front calipers with two-piece drilled rotors.


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