China driving growth of German luxury car brands

German luxury car makers Mercedes Benz, BMW AG and Audi has revealed that China continues to be the growth engine for luxury cars.

To back it up with real figures, Mercedes-Benz disclosed that the sale of its range of cars has recorded a 100 percent growth to 11,300 vehicles for the month of April.

BMW AG too has enough to cheer about as it too recorded above cent percent growth in sales. The sale of BMW range of cars, which also includes the Mini and Rolls-Royce brands registered a record growth of 115 percent which translated to 12,440 vehicles sold during April.

Audi, which is the largest maker of luxury cars in China recorded a more modest 61 percent sales growth to 19,606 vehicles in April. The number of cars that Audi has managed to sell in the first 4 month of the year is over 71,000 vehicles, which is an increase of 73 percent over the same period last year. Mercedes-Benz recorded a hundred percent increase in sales during the same period though the number of cars that it has sold stand at 35,400 vehicles.

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