Citroen C1 Urban Ride: A Crossover Concept Car

Citroen has revealed another concept car at the Paris Motor Show this year called the ‘C1 Urban Ride’. The taller, crossover-styled C1 looks very little like a regular hatchback but much more like a baby SUV. Visitors were given the power to cast their votes on a terminal near the concept car, in order to indicate whether they would like to see this tiny city car into production.

Though officially a concept car, C1 Urban Ride is based on the new C1 city car. The model is an innovative effort, which can go to production in full swing. C1 is class apart from regular hatchbacks people are accustomed to, with the additive elements of that of crossovers. The bumpers are bulky due to the plastic cladding.

The take me anywhere SUV styled car has got rugged looking front with the contrast-color skid plates and LED running lights adding to its looks. The SUV stance is the outcome of the suspension, which is raised by 15mm. Its tracks have been increased by 10mm. The black bumpers at the front and rear of the car give it a dynamic look.

The two versions that have been displayed in Paris at the show include a hard-top version and a convertible with roof that folds back. The cars look cute with peppy looks and garnered many positive votes. The Citroen C1 though a concept car, is very much practical. Visitors at the showcase developed a personal connection with the Citroen C1 Urban from the first look itself because of the urbane feel.

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