September 25, 2020

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    Images of Citroen C4

    Citroen’s latest C4 model is set to go on sale in the fourth quarter of this year, with the French automaker aiming to expand in the compact car market, the head of PSA-owned Citroen, Vincent Cobee, informed Reuters on Tuesday.

    In December 1974 Peugeot purchased a 38.2% share of Citroën and on 9 April 1976 they boosted their stake of the then bankrupt company to 89.95%.

    Cobee said he believes Citroen will have a complete role to play within the merged PSA-Fiat Chrysler group.

    The new C4 model is made in Spain.

    “Citroen is coming back in full force on the compact car segment in Europe which is the biggest segment if you count SUVs and sedans,” Cobee said in a phone interview, according to Reuters.

    “It is a major launch as it will support one of our key expansion axis in terms of volumes in coming years,” Cobee added.


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