Cross Coupe Concept VW- VW Tiguan shows Coupé Part 2

Not only on the future design can be close to the Cross Coupe, also under the sheet metal is the SUV-Coupe free to look into the future. So with the new model architecture study VW celebrates its premiere. The so-called modular transverse matrix should be characterized by a significantly increased flexibility and enable a variety of compact-class models at reasonable prices.

In future, at least 43 models are built with the same modules (floor, axles, steering, seat frames and engine-transmission unit), and that the Group, including Audi, Skoda and Seat. A similar concept is ready for Audi, which is since 2007 the modular longitudinal matrix used. First production car based on the new kit in the coming year, the new Golf.

Plug-in hybrid with two electric motors

Are new technology, it also can be reported in terms of drive. The Cross Coupé for the first time VW has a new, 265-horsepower hybrid combination of two electric motors and a gasoline engine. At the front sits a 40-kilowatt electric motor on the rear axle with a 84 kW power. The twin drive makes a connection from front to rear, the driveshaft, unnecessary; VW uses the vacated space in the transmission tunnel and then brings in the lithium-ion batteries. Their 9.8 kilowatt hours to range from all-electric driving for about 45 kilometers.

The memory is empty, does one of the 150-horsepower gasoline engine and the Cross Coupe runs as a normal hybrid. The maximum of 270 Newton meters of the gasoline engine will go to the front axle, the rear will need strength, the front electric motor acts as a generator powered by gasoline and supplied his brother at the rear with power.

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