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Cross Coupe Concept VW- VW Tiguan shows Coupé Part 1

BMW has long been with the X6, Mercedes is planning it and now wants to VW one. We’re talking about an SUV-Coupe. At the Tokyo Motor Show, the Wolfsburg gives the Cross Coupe Concept Study view of a possible new model – as well as to new technology and design.

Scolded one has the time for the BMW X6, an SUV-coupe is unnecessary and pointless. And even though this may be true in its simplest, the Bavarian sells gorgeous monster. Of this, other manufacturers will benefit, but so far there are besides the Infiniti FX is no real competitor.

Certainly, that is a Mercedes M-Class Coupé is working, but that will come onto the market before 2015. At the Tokyo Motor Show is now joined by another, a possible candidate to: the VW Cross Coupé, but currently only as a study.

Tiguan Base Coupe

For a VW gives the concept car a very close-view of an SUV-Coupe. Unlike BMW and Mercedes, take their battleships X5 and ML as a basis, VW does not return to the Touareg, but to its smaller brother, Tiguan, so will the Wolfsburg-based appeal to a much broader audience than with a luxury SUV.

Same time, the 4.32-meter-long Cross Coupé an outlook on the future design language of the Wolfsburg-based carmaker. Clearly visible are the more powerful radiator grille integrated in the headlights as well as significantly shorter overhangs; that await you at upcoming models such as the 2012 Gulf starting 7th Otherwise, the Cross Coupé is characterized by clean design with distinctive beading, rich C-pillar, the gently sloping rear tail lights out and narrow.

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