Emflux Motors, Bengaluru based EV startup, receives grant from Government of India

Emflux Motors

Given the rise of EV startups across the world. We got to know about Emflux Motors, based in Bengaluru, India, which has caught our attention.

Emflux Motors is a unique start-up working towards dual goals of producing India’s first Electric SuperSport Motorcycle and developing all the technologies in-house to bring down the time and expense for all kinds of electric vehicles in Indian Market. For this, they have a team of 25 dedicated technology personnel dealing diligently at a workshop-cum-office space at IKP Eden, Bengaluru.

Founded in 2016, they have successfully developed a running model (proof of concept) along with all the critical electronic and design components such as Charger Circuits, Battery Management System, Motor Controller, EVSE, Motor etc., which were all developed in-house. The Electric SuperSport Motorcycle mirrors the highest global standards in design, performance and quality.  This level of in-house design and development of all the parts is a novelty for Indian Electric Vehicle Industry.  

However, it is not easy to develop such a technology intensive device from scratch; the concept is new for the Indian market and there were other challenges too. They approached Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for support in developing their technology. Appreciating the innovative nature of work and being a promising start-up committed to Make in India theme, GOI has approved a grant under the NIDHI PRAYAS scheme after presentation and Q&A session with panelists.

They received part of the amount as grant on Wednesday. Varun Mittal, co-founder and CEO (a B.Tech from IIT D, & MIM- ESCP Europe, previously worked with BHEL, Rocket Internet, and Jugnoo) has a keen interest in robotics and machine design, as well as a sound knowledge of emerging technologies. Other co-founders – Ankit has worked with startups and launched 12+ cities in Jugnoo, and Vinay Raj Somashekar (Master Industrial Design from SPD, Milan, Italy) has previously worked with TVS as motorcycle designer. Recently, Rishabh (a P.G.D.M. from IIM-L and a serial entrepreneur with an experience of 10+ years) joined them and heads Strategy and Business development for the firm.

Key Highlights


  • Electric SuperSport Motorcycle
  • Developing Technology and Design in-house


“The startups/projects that are given priority under NIDHI PRAYAS are usually those that will benefit the local community and the industries in that region”, said Vikraman, a key panelist under NIDHI PRAYAS and CEO of IKP Eden.

When approached, Varun said that this grant will keep us motivated in what we are doing and will help in achieving the target. They will also have their presence in Delhi Auto Expo’ 18. The fund will be disbursed in tranches based on their completed milestones.  

Emflux Motors is based in IKP EDEN which is a maker space and a co-working space in heart of the city in Koramangala where you can meet some of the smartest minds that will help you realize the potential of your idea.


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