Ferrari F40 Previously Owned By Eric Clapton Is Up For Sale

Eric Clapton Ferrari F40

Eric Clapton is among the few celebrities known to keep a stable of Ferraris around at all times. ‘Slowhand’ claims a few of the most demanded automobiles to ever leave Maranello as well as paid $4.7 million for the automaker to build him a one-off Ferrari 458 inspired by the 512BB named the EC SP 12. As far Ferrari interest goes, Clapton’s right up there with Nick Mason and Ralph Lauren.

The famous Ferrari F40 was one Ferrari Clapton figured he might get rid of, however. The artist once owned the flagship supercar however sold it in 2003 after 4 years of ownership. Now, the person who purchased it from Clapton has placed it up for sale through the UK’s GVE London and at ₤ 925,000 (around $1 million USD), it’s a respectable offer.

Part of the factor behind the reasonably inexpensive rate may be the mileage. Clapton, the first two owners and the present owner all took pleasure in the automobile, putting a combined 6,750 miles on the odometer. It went through a complete fuel system revitalize in 2008 and is provided with substantial service records and MOT history. It’s likewise in the process of being classified by Ferrari Classiche.

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