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First three 2012 Lexus LFAs makes it to U.S.

It’s great news for all car lovers in USA as the most awaited delivery of the first three Lexus LFAs have been completed and the car have come straight out of the production site over the seas all the way to USA. The special three cars are clad in shades of white, black and silver. The packaging of the cars are also unique similar to that of a nuclear missile.

The cars have received respective thumbs ups from the engineer before being shipped to the United States. Each of the 3 Lexus models is strapped to its own unique pink steel pallet for the shipping journey. These pink shaded pallets are extremely special as Lexus will in turn ship these back to the country of origin and re use them in future.

With the news of shipping some other peculiar yet fascinating news regarding the cars has surfaced recently. Each LFA model has been provided with Mobil 1 5w50 as the factory supplied oil. The oil is a heavily blended one which is very relevant to the high revving nature of the car’s engine. The cars have been shipped inside a container without any plastic covering or shield in order to allow the paint to get revived on the way to the US. These three shades in silver, white, and black are more popular than the other louder shades for the cars and especially very special to those who are sophisticated enough to buy the first hand models of a newly launched car.

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