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Ford launches layoff program for a Brazil plant

The Brazilian unit of Ford Motor Company stated on Tuesday it was setting up a voluntary layoff program for its plant located in Camaçari, in the northeast state of Bahia, with the aim to slash workforce it stated was in excess of present requirements.

The company did not state how many people it expected to lay off.

Ford previously stated the plant was operating with about 700 excess employees. The plant employs 7,400 individuals in Camaçari, where it produces the compact Ka and mid-sized EcoSport SUV.

The U.S. automaker stated two months ago it would shut down its oldest plant in Brazil, in São Bernardo do Campo, which could cost over 2,700 jobs as part of a restructuring meant to reduce losses across the world.

Referring to the Bahia plant, Ford stated: “The measure has the objective to align the plant’s workforce with current market demand.”

Ford sold 24,000 Ka vehicles in Brazil in the first quarter, just like they did in the previous year. It sold 7,600 EcoSports, more than the 7,000 reported in the first quarter of last year.

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