Ford providing packages to have some GT350 to the Mustang GT

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The present Ford Mustang GT is adept in the performance department. Its 435-horsepower V8 and outstanding handling make it a fantastic sports automobile right out of the box. But some people are never ever satisfied, especially because the Shelby GT350 came out. For them Ford, has a response, in fact three of them.

Ford Performance will start selling stage plans of parts and engine tunes called Power Packs for stock Mustang GTs; they deal with automobiles from the 2015 to 2017 model years. Power Pack 1 is really standard including just a K&N high-flow air filter and an ECU tune, yielding gains of 13 horse power and 16 lb-ft of torque. It also offers a good low-end bump to torque with an additional 40 lb-ft at 1500 rpm.

The 2nd two packages obtain parts from the track-oriented Shelby GT350. They each featured their own tuning calibrations and somewhat varying parts groups. Power Pack 2 consists of the GT350’s cold-air consumption and an 87-mm throttle body, while stage three includes the GT350’s consumption manifold. Phase two includes 21 hp and 24 lb-ft of torque; Power Pack 3 benefits 37 hp and some quantity of torque, although we’re looking at the number with Ford Performance since the 5-lb-ft gain noted on the site doesn’t make much sense, knowing the stage two figures. And as excellent as the power gains in the phase 3 plan are, a lot more impressive is the top-end gain: a likely visible 60 hp at 7500 rpm.

The very first bundle goes on sale at the start of August with the other two ending up being offered in September and October. Of note for potential purchasers is that these packages are 50-state legal. So even Mustang GT owners residing in California and other CARB states can delight in these brand-new upgrades. Nothing that, the packages will only be readily available in North America for the time being.

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