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Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang

Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang spied

For almost 40 years enthusiasts have wished for ’60s Muscle Cars for their compelling styles, enjoyable names and high-horsepower engines. Who wouldn’t desire an LS6 Chevelle, 440 Road Runner or Boss 429 Mustang in the garage? But if you want the ultimate in display room performance, your hot rod better be brand-new and be called ZL1, Hellcat, Demon or Shelby.

Today’s muscle cars are the genuine heroes. Dodge, Ford and General Motors continue to provide ridiculous horsepower with sensible economy, loads of safety, excellent handling and great styling. Proof that Ford depends on something stems from these spy photos, which might effectively be the next Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang.

And if it is, we’re anticipating some huge horsepower numbers. Not long ago, 500 horse power got it done, however today 500 gets you an ‘eye roll.’ GM provides a 650 hp Camaro, Ford has produced a 662 hp Mustang and a 526 hp all-motor Mustang, and Dodge, as you know, will offer you a 707 Challenger or its special-production, 800-higher hp Demon.

Ford’s has knows about both turbocharging and supercharging, not to mention all out naturally aspirated engines as well. So, how much power Mustang needs? It could be 750-800.

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