German court rejects Volkswagen complaint concerning prosecutors’ investigation

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A German court has rejected Volkswagen‘s attempt to prevent prosecutors from using information seized during investigations of the law firm which the automaker had employed to investigate its emissions scandal.

Volkswagen stated recently it had submitted a complaint with a Munich court to prevent prosecutors from maintaining and assessing material confiscated during a March 15 raid on U.S. law office Jones Day.

Volkswagen, whose supervisory board had commissioned Jones Day in late 2015 to investigate the diesel emissions test-cheating scandal, has stated it would utilize every legal action to counter the actions by Munich prosecutors.

However a Munich local court has now chosen that the raids by prosecutors on Jones Day as well as on Volkswagen and Audi, both of which were likewise searched separately on March 15, were genuine, a court spokeswoman stated on Monday.

Munich prosecutors stated the decision by the regional court to turn down Volkswagen’s complaint would likewise be examined by a Munich district court.

“There is no change in our position,” a spokesperson at Wolfsburg-based VW stated on Monday. “We stick to our legal viewpoint.”

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