Get Ready for the McLaren 675LT

by SpeedLux

About a week earlier, the British automaker, McLaren, announced that it would launch a vehicle with a new moniker. Now, the automaker in question has actually teased the public with a video showcasing a vehicle model which the company will seemingly dub the 675LT, with the LT standing for Long Tail. It is quite likely that McLaren will be introducing the car officially for the first time ever during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show event of 2015.

The new vehicle from the British company will reportedly be slotted at a level similar to that of the McLaren 650S as well as the McLaren 625C. In case you have not noticed, the latter is available for the Asian market only. As for the new, upcoming model, the company claims that it will be the purest, quickest and also the lightest variant that customers can possibly get in its class. Besides the long tail, the new vehicle from McLaren has also been treated with ideal weight loss, enhanced aerodynamics, increased downforce and also better driver engagement.

Speaking of the McLaren 675LT, the company unveils that the car will have a power output of 675 hp at its peak point, hence it being called the 675LT. The power is supposed to come from a 3.8L V8 engine with twin turbochargers.

As it turns out, the long tail treatment of the vehicle is actually a way for McLaren to pay tribute to the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail. Besides the long tail, the car also has newly designed air intakes on its sides.

Unfortunately, no further details are available as of yet. Therefore, it is perhaps best to wait for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show to kick off in March 2015 to find out for sure what the car actually can or cannot offer. Rumor has it the car will make bow beside the McLaren P1 GTR, in its production guise. As for shipment, the British automaker will start shipping out the McLaren 675LT later this year and it will be a coupe model only.

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