Global sales of Volkswagen up by 11% in April

Volkswagen AG reports that their global sales for April went up by 11%. They attribute the rise to the growing demand of the Chinese market as well as the deliveries of their seven brands like Audi to the US consumers.

The spokesperson of VW explained that the division of commercial vehicles was able to roll out 604,000 units this year compared to about 542,000 for the same period last year. VW is looking forward to conquer 2010 with another round of record breaking sales figures. The car manufacturer seems to be really determined as they opt to launch 60 models and upgrades for this year alone. They also announced earlier that it will pour in addition $2 billion for the new models and to build two more plants in China.

The total investment of the company in China will now sum up to around 6 billion Euros. After getting the results for the first quarter of 2010, Volkswagen is anticipating a more challenging second half of the year since they will have to pay local taxes because of expiring trade incentives in some European countries.

According to a VW executive, the company remains to be very cautious with regard to its outlook for the year despite the great sales figures.

The sales of VW Group for January through April of 2010 showed a jump of 20.9% or 2.34 million which is better than the global market growth of 18.1%.

Looking at its performance in China which is its biggest market, Volkswagen was able to up its numbers by 53% or around 620,500 units for the months of January through April. The deliveries in the US showed a 38% growth or about 112,600 units. Volkswagen’s performance in the Western European market grew by 12% which translates to about 1.01 million units.

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