GM pickup truck plant in Michigan to add 1,000 employees

General Motors

General Motors stated on Tuesday it will bring 1,000 workers to build new heavy-duty pickup trucks at its plant located in Flint, Michigan, and will give importance to GM employees who were laid off elsewhere.

GM has been criticized by U.S. President Donald Trump and Midwestern lawmakers for its strategies to stop production at five North American factories and slash about 15,000 jobs. The automaker has stated it is trying to find new jobs for 1,500 U.S. hourly employees at the affected plants. Flint could be a haven for many of these employees.

Sales of heavy-duty pickups in the United States have increased to over 600,000 vehicles a year, up over 20 percent since 2013, according to industry data. Costs for luxury models can easily top $70,000.

GM on Tuesday will celebrate the introduce a new generation of heavy-duty GMC and Chevrolet pickups at the assembly plant located in Flint, Michigan, that is now constructing all such trucks for the company.

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