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Honda Civic- Reason-driven-part 4

Powerful and affordable

Among the outstanding achievements of the new Civic includes a number of new helpers. Besides the usual control systems, one in the compact segment is still extremely rare and well-working distance cruise control and even a radar-based collision preventer. Both accessories delicacies way you get the package together for around 2,000 €.

And so these extras in the competitive environment as well as the generally offered as a five-door Civic is positioned overall remarkably cheap. The already properly equipped, but slightly portly 100-horsepower base costs 17,000 euros. For the strong 1.8er in the blessed with lots of extras € 23 000 Sport version is available. For diesel, there are then also with many extras as standard at least 25,800 euros. Although a lot of money, but asked for a four-door VW Golf GTD nearly four thousand € more.

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