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Hyundai points South Florida as main priority for releasing new Genesis brand

South Korean automaker Hyundai has come a long way considering that Rick Case opened one of the nation’s first 2 dealerships in the Fort Lauderdale market back in 1986. When it initially emerged, Hyundai positioned itself as an affordable alternative to Japanese brands Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

“We began promoting them at $4,995, and they sold like crazy for the very first 2 years,” Case recalled.

Like its predecessors, the firm’s offerings gradually enhanced, and this month, Hyundai is presenting itself again– but this time as an economical option to high-end automobile brands. 3 years after the Japanese brands spun off high-end departments Lexus, Acura and Infinity, Hyundai is debuting its new brand name Genesis USA and is once again counting on success in the South Florida market to help get the word throughout the United States.

The brand’s first two designs, on display through September 18 at the Miami International Auto Show, will be readily available the very first week of October in 11 Hyundai dealerships in the tri-county area, as per Erwin Raphael, Genesis U.S.A general manager.

Raphael and Case stated that the new brand will initially be marketed within existing Hyundai car dealerships just like how electronics merchant Best Buy provides “stores within a store” for brands like Samsung, Microsoft and also Apple. Devoted Genesis car dealerships will eventually be established as the business adds an SUV and sports coupe to the line, Case stated.

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