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Hyundai Vision T concept car

Hyundai reveals new insights on design of the Vision T concept car

Hyundai Motor has released a new walkaround video about Vision T, first revealed at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in 2019. In the video, Head of Hyundai Design SangYup Lee describes the main characteristics of the concept car’s design: dynamic architecture, sharp edges and straight lines, and geometric design features referred to as “parametric dynamics.”

SangYup Lee first draws attention to the model’s sporty stance, which can be seen in its low hood, short front overhang, and wide wheelbase. He then goes on to describe the parametric dynamics: a chiseled surface, a combination of soft surfaces and hard lines, and sharp, geometric edges. SangYup Lee compares the car’s architecture to a mineral or a crystal which has been struck by a hard object and then shattered.

Geometric patterns in the front grille, including hidden headlamps, give the vehicle a jewel-like quality. When the vehicle is in motion, the air intake flaps actually move, so the vehicle almost looks more like a living animal instead of a static machine.

Vision T’s integrated architecture makes sure that there is continuity throughout all elements of the vehicle, such as the hidden headlamp design which is found repeatedly in the taillights.

“We really wanted to create Vision T as the most avant-garde, the sportiest, freshest CUV. The most dynamic CUV as a vision that we wanted to introduce,” SangYup Lee said.

Vision T represents one step in the development of Sensuous Sportiness, Hyundai’s signature design identity. The concept cars of the automaker do not stand alone – they inform the design direction of future Hyundai models, which sorround both concept and production cars. Aspects of Vision T such as the sharp angles and straight lines can be observed in 45, Hyundai’s subsequent concept car. While the connection to Prophecy, the company’s latest concept car, is less apparent, all three models are united under the Sensuous Sportiness design identity.

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