i8 Hydrogen fuel cell unveiled by BMW

Recently, BMW is said to be working on a secret i8 with a Hydrogen full cell. The unnamed BMW i8 is based on a hydrogen fuel-cell prototype which was initially constructed in 2012 and has since been in its trial phase as the German carmaker use it to conduct further experiments with its hydrogen fuel-cell technology. According to BMW Research and Development chief Klaus Fröhlich the company plans to put their hydrogen powered cars in the market by 2020.

The prototype appears to differ from the BMW 18 by adopting a slightly reworked front fascia, comprised of a squared-off kidney grille design and even slimmer headlights. This model is said to also preview the design of future BMW i models. As part of its plan to revolutionize the industry with hydrogen cars for the public, BMW has also established a joint-venture with Toyota to bring said plans to fruition. However, the 5 Series GT-based prototypes feature the same technology that is currently in service in the Toyota Mirai which supposedly the first hydrogen fuel-cell car to go on sale.

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