September 25, 2020

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    aston martin db11

    James Bond could be seen behind the wheel of an electric car, states the chief executive of Aston Martin, the vehicle maker involved in 007’s preferred form of transport.

    Andy Palmer, Aston Martin CEO, told why electrical cars– whose future appeal in the vehicle market was, he stated, “nearly as inevitable as death and tax”– would fit the spy.

    “What does electrical give you? It gives you remarkable velocity, remarkable torque (force)– immediate pick-up, there’s no lag, so if you use it well and certainly in the medium-term and near and in our terms, the long-term, you’re going to have at least a mix of battery, electrical and gas and then you get the very best of both worlds.”

    Asked exactly what the imaginary spy, whose love of quick vehicles and women are widely known, would consider Aston Martin’s most current introduction; the DBX Concept, Aston Martin’s first “family-friendly,” electrical crossover car.

    “James is a crucial customer for our sports cars however he sometimes gets married so maybe there’s somebody out there for him although you can get an infant seat in the back of an (Aston Martin) DB11. It’s about truth and Aston is more than simply James Bond. It’s about being British, being independent, it’s about workmanship and it’s about business itself,” he stated.

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