La Tene investment firm places 275M EUR bid for Nurburgring

Well known premier global investment and advisory firm La Tene has recently announced on its official website they have placed a bid to acquire troubled Nürburgring.

Just about a week ago the offer of Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC) for purchasing Nürburgring was rejected and so naturally another bid has been received. This time it’s from this global investment and advisory company called La Tene who have placed a bid of as much as 275M EUR bid to acquire the ‘Ring, according to their official website.

This bid amount is significantly higher amount of money when compared with the bid made by ADAC which was for a “double-digit million (EUR) sum. Just like the earlier bid, it clearly appears that La Tene is also interested in just the “German Race Track Nürburgring” and so they are probably not interested in acquiring the theme park and all related commercial facilities.

Well all we can hope that this time the bidding is successful and the troubled Nürburgring is able to get the required relief from all kind of problems.

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