Land Rover First to Use 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

Land Rover has made yet another technology leap by announcing the 9-speed transmission for an upcoming passenger car. The kit is being produced by ZF specifically for Land Rover.

The good thing about this is that it will still be a fuel efficient model as per the claims made by company. ZF claims that the gear changing will become smoother and faster and it will be a different experience to the car lovers. Also, it will not be sequential 6-speed transmission types; instead it will have a skip-shift function which works in sync with a multi-stage damper system in torque convertor.

Another great thing is that it will be able to sense the driver’s inputs and change the mode accordingly to brisk mode or smooth mode.

The size is also not very larger than the existing 6-speed gears. It is just 6mm longer and in fact lighter by 7.5 kg. This is possible because of nested gear set along with two dog clutches instead of regular clutch packs for 6-spees gears.

Have a look at picture gallery.

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