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M2 Coupe “makes a lot of sense” according to BMW insider, due in 2016 – report

A BMW insider has reportedly said that a fully-fledged M2 Coupe makes a lot of sense.

Auto Express participated at the M235i‘s UK launch and found out from a source close to BMW that an M2 Coupe “makes a lot of sense.” The same source also indicated that BMW considered a road-legal version of the M235i Racing at one point but in the end plans could not materialize because that model would have stepped “on the toes of something else higher up in the range” which means he was referring to a range-topping M2 which the Bavarian marque is allegedly planning.

The M235i Coupe is currently the flagship model of the newly established 2-Series family and comes equipped with inline-six TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter engine producing 326 HP (240 kW). The M2 Coupe is rumored to use the same engine but with an upgraded output of 380 HP (279 kW) so that it will fit quite nicely between the M235i and the 431 HP M3/M4.

Other highlights that the BMW M2 has received consist of some chassis tech from its larger siblings (M3 and M4) including the Active M Differential. An Adaptive M Suspension probably won’t be offered as standard kit since BMW will try to keep the price tag down to make the model more attractive.

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