Man Damages Tesla Model S to Save a Life, Elon Musk Provides Compensation

Tesla Model S

If its asked if you will crash your Tesla Model S to save someone’s life, we will get an idea right here. 41-year-old Manfred Kick in Munich, crashed it and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stepped forward to pay for repairs.

A report by German paper Muenchner Merkur reads that, Kick while driving his Tesla Model S on an expressway near Munich observed a Volkswagen Passat knocking the guardrail numerous times and the vehicle seemed out of control.

He was quick to understand that the driver of the Passat was unconscious while the vehicle kept ramming the guardrails along the roadway. Kick contacted emergency services and he chose to take the first step to help the Passat motorist.

He pulled his Tesla Model S before the Passat to make it stop by force hoping that it may save the life of the driver. In this effort, Kick damaged the rear bumper of the car.

“I had stop his car in some way, otherwise it would have continued forever. And it was clear that the driver needed urgent help,” Kick informed the German newspaper.

It was later revealed by the emergency services that the Passat motorist might have suffered a stroke while he was driving and was taken to hospital.

To value this effort, CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “Tesla is providing all repair costs free of charge and expedited.”

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