Man Has Ford Thunderbird Turn Signal in Arm for 51 Years

by SpeedLux

Out of all the oddities that can possibly happen in the world of automobiles, perhaps there is nothing odder than this particular incident. Believe it or not, a man happens to have the turn signal switch stuck in his arm for no less than 51 years altogether. Well, if this sounds like a foolish or a completely unbelievable story to you, you may want to meet Mr. Arthur Lampitt. No, he is not a car mechanic and all but somehow, the turn signal switch got stuck in his arm.

As it turned out, the man was a real estate agent and back in the year 1963, he came across a very unlucky incident. He got involved in a crash while driving his Ford Thunderbird. The turn signal switch of the car then got into him, protruding his skin.

Of course, not long after the incident, Mr. Lampitt was taken to the hospital to receive the necessary treatments from the team of medics there. The team of medics was really concerned at that time about Mr. Lampitt’s broken hip. Somehow, the metal turn signal switch went further past his skin, unnoticed by anyone in the medics team.

Ironically enough, even Mr. Lampitt himself did not realize that he had a metal component stuck under his skin. It was not until some ten years ago that he began to realize there was a metal piece in his arm. He started to realize it as he was trying to set off a metal detector. Despite being aware that he had a metal piece inside his body, Mr. Lampitt had no idea what the metal piece was. All he could tell was that it must have been related to the incident he experienced back in 1963.

As such, Mr. Lampitt decided to take a look at photos of the incident. Eventually, he realized that a turn signal switch is missing from his Ford Thunderbird. And, as his arm started to hurt himself recently, he decided to undergo surgery to take that foreign object out of his body.

It took the medics team 45 minutes to take out the turn signal switch from Mr. Lampitt’s body. The metal piece measured 7 inches long and was already corroded and bent when taken out of the man’s body. According to medics, Mr. Lampitt’s body has managed to form a protective pocket around the metal turn signal and that was the very reason why the man did not even feel that the metal was there.

According to Mr. Arthur Lampitt, he will either hand the metal piece over to the doctor that removes it from his body or make it as a keychain. Just for information, it turns out that the doctor who treats Mr. Lampitt is fond of collecting such sort of things.

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