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A New Customization Program From Ferrari

Ferrari, always manages to amaze us with originality and innovation. This time the Italian car maker looks to be working on yet another customization program that appears to be targeted more at the mainstream Ferrari buyer even if Ferrari already has its One-to-One customization program and they can build you a completely new body under its Ferrari Design division, for the right price, of course.

The car maker, during a secret car event this past week, unveiled a new California customized under its latest program that was built for Lapo Elkann, the brother of Fiat chairman and Agnelli ‘crown prince’ John Elkann and the possible future boss of Ferrari.

This customized car it features a denim interior that matches the design of a 599 GTB Fiorano that had a similar cabin and could be in your Ferrari too, if you so choose to customize it that way.

It seems that the idea behind the customization program is that Ferrari will build it. Revealing by the presentation at the event, Ferrari will likely offer its clients custom paint finishes for components, body decals and multiple exterior colors and possibly even some performance mods.

Source: Motorauthority

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