New Range Rover Sport to debut in 2013

Land Rover is giving the final touch ups to the all new Range Rover Sport which will mostly be making its debut at the Geneva Motor Show or New York Motor Show. The model is based on the same aluminium monocoque as the new Range Rover and is expected to follow it closely in terms of specification.

The new Sport, is expected to weigh the same as its sister model, which directly hints us that the entry level V6 variant would tip the scale at 2160kg, 300kg less than the present entry level model, which would make the Range Rover More Dynamic in Nature! Outside the car, it seems that the car uses the same underbody structure. Although the windscreen and windscreen angle are also common to the two cars, Land Rover designers have used a number of visual tricks and relatively inexpensive changes to give the Sport a much more versatile appearance. At the front, the headlights will be more aggressive than on the Range Rover and the bumpers will be blockier. The rear overhang is shorter than that of the new Range Rover and its tailgate glass is raked more steeply.

Under the hood the SUV will be featuring the new generation 255bhp, 442 lb ft turbocharged V6 diesel engine. It is also expected that the Sport Model may get an option of 335 bhp twin-turbo V8 diesel engine. With 516lb ft of torque at just 1750 rpm. Also new to the Sport model would be a V6 diesel-electric hybrid model, which has a claimed combined 333 bhp, a 0-62mph time of 7.4sec and CO2 emissions of just 169g/km.

Inside, the Sport model would get a slope dashboard and center console than in Range Rover, it also will be getting the upright automatic shift lever, something that the Jaguar F-type has. AS for the upholstery, reports claim that the car would be featuring Bentley-style quilted leather upholstery, with a Sporty Treatment.

Stay tuned for more detailed information on the new Range Rover Sport Model, at SpeedLux.

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