New Shelby GT350 fitted with naturally aspirated engine coupled with automatic transmission

Shelby American recently announced the specs of the 2011 GT350. The press release from the car manufacturer explains that the new Shelby GT350 will be marketed as a naturally aspirated, base level car that will be eligible for SCCA competition.

Consumers can put in some $7,000 more to get a supercharger. Caroll Shelby details that when the car was resurrected, consumers were asking for something that can perform like the Shelby GT. The market asked for something that can run SCCA-sanctioned car races but these do not allow anything with an aftermarket supercharger.

Other car enthusiasts also asked for an automatic transmission. Shelby explained that customers will have more choices for the GT350. The base car will be fitted with a V8 5.0L engine linked to a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Also included in this release will be upgraded suspensions using some parts by Ford Racing. Caliper brakes with six pistons and 14” rotors will make sure you can stop when you want to stop.

The Shelby GT350 has a white paint finish highlighted by the Le Mans blue stripes. The aerodynamics of the car was also reworked with the installation of scoops on the hood and side rockers. The bumper was also redesigned and the engineers also put a front splitter.

The rear end of the vehicle gets a new taillight and filler panel.

The GT350 package has a sticker price of $26,995. The supercharged kit goes for $33,995. Now you still have to add to that the price of the Mustang GT.

Via 4wheelsnews

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