The new VW Touareg SUV given a makeover by JE Design

If you are a person who likes to customize his gadgets and cannot tolerate the factory default version then you have good news, more so if you also happen to be a fan of the VW Touareg SUV. The German tuning company JE Design has recently announced the release of its first line of enhancements package for the sports utility vehicle model.

The tuning package at the moment is the only available engine kit for the new VW Touareg SUV model. The kit enhances the performance of the 4.2 L TDI V8 diesel engine by improving the power and torque output levels of the sports vehicle. The kit improves the power output of the diesel engine from 340 HP to 410 HP while the torque output level is increased from 800 Nm of torque to a huge 930 Nm or 686 lbs-ft of the lugging power. At this new power and torque levels the SUV can sprint at the abruptly shot up speed from zero km/hr to over 100 km/hr or 62 miles per hour. The time window for this sprint has been reduced from 5.8 seconds to a lean 5.4 seconds. The top speed of the sports utility vehicle has been improved from 242 km/h to 269 km/h, which equates to the 167 mph.

The tuning kit also upgrades the SUV’s suspension by deploying an electronic lowering module. The electronic module is capable of bringing the vehicle up to 35 mm closer to the ground. The package also contains an aerodynamic kit. This aerodynamic kit adds to the aesthetics and airflow process of the SUV model. The kit also includes a new front grille and spoiler, along with the wheel arch extensions. The other features of the kit include a rear apron, a roof spoiler, and custom exhaust tail pipes. The kit offers a choice of alloy wheels shoed in sticky new tires.

The complete kit from the German tuning company for the new VW Touareg, would cost you a hefty €19,750 or over US$25,300 at current exchange rates.

Source: carscoop

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