Next Generation Volkswagen Golf Could Get A Targa Version

Volkswagen is ready to introduce new generation car named as Golf which is similar to previous version Targa 2014 model. Golf seems to be more flexible at the middle part of the roof. This VW car is specially designed for high speed riding which looks nice and center of the roof can be removed whenever necessary.

The seventh generation VW Golf has decided to sale in U.S first in 2017 and 2018 but it was not yet planned to sale in other part of the country and VW has not yet revealed the next-gen Golf Cabrio yet. VW just wants to set some new body style which they have never done before and bring out some innovative. This stylish car will surely increases the sale and demand more in collection.

This targa version Golf car has established some thoughts through their cheif which seems to be much similar to T-roc concept.

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